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Triumphant Woman is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to reaffirm and restore the original image and identity of a woman or girl who has been sexually abused. We want to teach them that their lives are not to be defined by abuse and see themselves as beautiful, smart, overcomers and powerful contributors to society.

We believe that all forms of abuse happen due to a culture’s belief system and traditions, lack of information and accountability. Everything humans do begins with a thought and a choice to act on that thought. We believe that if we can educate communities, partner with local governments, law enforcements, and other organizations who share our passion, we can prevent people from becoming abusers, creating victims and thereby breaking the cycle of abuse before it begins.

Women and girls need to feel protected and cherished by society. A nation’s future is highly dependent on the physical and emotional wellbeing of its women and girls. When a woman is violated and has nowhere or no one to turn to for help, it can destroy her self-image, her outlook on life and ultimately her future. Society is then robbed of the contribution of her God given gifts, talents and abilities. We provide abuse education, shelter, counseling, mentorship and training to teach and enhance economically beneficial trade to help victims become independent and be dependent on their abuser.

While our organization concentrates on sexual abuse, we open our doors to victims of all types of abuse and offer resources to help them when it is in our power to do so.

Our Core Values

We value educating and developing communities

We value strategic partnerships and collaborations

We value diversity

We value honesty and integrity

We value self-sustainability through entrepreneurship

We value respect for each other and the women and girls we serve

We value equality and safety of women and girls in society.

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Our vision is to reaffirm the identity of abused women throughout Africa and beyond. To see restoration in the attitudes, perspectives, and treatment of women and girls.

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We will accomplish our vision by amplifying the voices of victims, provide safe havens, educate communities, have meaningful dialogue, and form strategic partnerships.