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Invest in your Success! Hire a coach that solves problems and gets results! You started this business to succeed and I want to help you keep that promise to yourself!

Look, I get it. You have a passion and a burning desire in you to run your own business. Your reasons may be that, you want freedom, leave a legacy for your family, make an impact in the world, be financially free, change lives or any other reason AND you took the bold leap into starting or wanting to start your own business. I truly applaud you and I’m excited about your future!

As with any great venture and undertaking in life, there will always be challenges. You realize that the entrepreneurial road is not always a smooth one. There are many problems that come as a result of running a business and I’ve seen business owners waste years trying to figure it out on their own. Googling answers can only take you so far before frustration and burn out set in.

Majority of my clients find themselves in similar situations as I’ve described above. It breaks my heart to see hardworking entrepreneurs give up and shut the doors because of problems that could have been solved by the right person. This affects families and generations.

Ask yourself, are you passionate enough about your dreams to pursue it and give it all you’ve got? Let me help you. Let me help you avoid being part of the poor statistics of failed businesses.

Schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation with me today. I won’t make you promises I can’t keep, if I can’t help you, I’ll be very upfront with you. I offer a no nonsense, honest advice and at the end you’ll be able to make an educated decision to bring me onboard to help your business!

Ready to dive in? Choose the best package that suits your situation below. If you’re not sure which one you need, let’s talk.

7 Major Business Areas

Most of my ideal clients come to me because the problem they have fall into these categories

⦁ Marketing
⦁ Finances
⦁ People/Team
⦁ Customer Experience
⦁ Operations
⦁ Strategy
⦁ Start-Up

Not sure where you fall in, sign up for a complimentary consultation and let’s discover it together

My Approach

⦁ I will have a strategy consultation session with you and or your team to help you identify the goal you are wanting to achieve.

⦁ Once we have a picture of the exact goals, I will create a roadmap on how we get there. This includes:

⦁ Outlining each single problem area

⦁ Discovering and eliminating any roadblocks or obstacles to change within your organizations

⦁ Examine your current reality of how things are done now

⦁ Providing practical solutions to get you to the results you are see
⦁ Creating methods to help you systemize your business with the provided solutions

⦁ Provide individual and or team training for your organization with actionable steps to implement the solutions I created.

⦁ Follow up

How can we work together?

Please choose the best way I can help you accomplish your business goals here below:


This is a one on one coaching experience with Nancy either for those who are brand new to the world of entrepreneurship and all they have is an idea or business name and are wanting to start on the right foundation OR already in business but stagnant and need help overcoming the hump, growing and beating the business failure statistics. I will work with you face to face (Houston Area) or video online conferencing globally. You will get monthly 90-minute strategy meetings with me personally. Digital copies of operational manuals customized for your business in the areas we discuss and 5 email communications monthly. This is a 6 months commitment. 

Small Businesses

Similar to the Soloprenuer program, this will be coaching for a business owner and up to 7 employees. Nancy will come in and dig deep into every area of your business to identify pain points that is keeping you from scaling and truly gaining a breakthrough in your business. You will receive digital copies of all materials, 2 hour on site training for you and your employees for the different areas of solution provided for specific problems we work on together, 5 monthly email communications with the business owner and monthly 90 minute face to face (Houston Area) meetings or video conferencing. This can be customized for companies outside Houston, TX. 

Group Coaching

This is for passionate entrepreneurs with non-competing businesses at a similar stage of their business and needing the same services from me. I offer this coaching program to a select group of maximum 15 people and minimum 10 people per session. This allows my team and I to give careful attention to each business owner. This is a pre-planned class with specific lessons during each session and your full commitment is needed to get the best out of it. This includes Ten 3-hour classes monthly discussing the 6 major areas of running a business from starting to opening day! $395 per person per month.

Life Coaching

This is for individuals who DO NOT need business coaching but need that motivational voice, accountability person, problem solver, angel on your shoulder (not the red one with the pitchfork), support team to come alongside and help you overcome the many mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological struggles that life throws at you. This will be done face to face (Houston Area) or video conferencing. $165.00 per month for 90 minutes.


Looking to Launch your own podcast?

I offer a 2-hour live video conference training session on everything you need to start and launch your very own podcast! I offer this class to only 20 people at a time so I can answer questions on or offline! $197 per person. Sign up by emailing your interest to

Business Registration Services

Looking to file your DBA, LLC, nonprofit, or any other business registration needs? Let us help you save money, headache and costly mistakes on your applications! Contact us about your needs!

To schedule a different or particularly customized meeting with Nancy, please email inquiries to