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Let’s get down to business!
I want to help YOU! I believe in YOU!

I believe in your business, skills, abilities, experiences, pain, success, goals, uniqueness, all things YOU! You owe it to yourself to work with a coach who sincerely cares about you as a person and cares to push you to succeed.

I love working with individuals, businesses, organizations, corporations, churches, groups, etc. For all my coaching programs, I offer a free 1-hour consultation, if at the end of that, you don’t feel confident that I can make a positive life changing impact in your personal or professional life, we can hug and part ways and be friends!

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Tim Gallwey

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Phoenix Rising: The Overcoming Experience

1-on-1 Life Coaching with Nancy (Whole day experience 8-5pm)

This is for anyone feeling stagnant and seeking help in overcoming an obstacle in their personal life due to traumatic experiences, unexpected life changes, health, loss, etc.

Our objectives for the day:

  • Start the day early by meeting for breakfast at a beautiful hotel or restaurant.
  • Break for lunch in the afternoon
  • Go to our meeting space and get to work. Space may change based on your location.
  • This will be a calming, peaceful space with aromatherapy scents, calming lights and comfortable seats so you can free your mind and heart to talk.
  • Discuss what’s on your mind that is keeping you stagnant in life.
  • Identify any roadblocks that may hinder the progress that you are wanting to make.
  • Discuss and restructure old mindsets and self-destructive belief systems that you’ve embraced.
  • We will work through each challenge together with strategic questions and solutions that will help move you from stagnation to execution.
  • Give you step by step action plans that after our meeting, you can use to continually transform your life.
  • Determine a plan of action to propel you from the ashes of stagnation to the fiery, happy, purpose-filled, fulfilled woman you were created to be.
  • You will also get (2) 30 minute follow up calls with me.
  • The last hour of our session will conclude with you heading to my favorite massage place to receive a 60-80 minutes relaxation foot and body massage. (If you’re not comfortable with this, you will receive a beautiful gift from me)
Cost: $699 or two payments of $350

Entrepreneurs Zone: The Deciphering Experience

1-on-1 Business Coaching with Nancy (Whole day experience 8-5pm)

This is for anyone wanting to begin their entrepreneurial journey or perhaps are already in business but have hit a road block.

Our objectives for the day:

  • Start the day early by meeting for breakfast at a beautiful hotel or restaurant.
  • Break for lunch in the afternoon.
  • Go to our meeting space and get to work. Space may change based on your location.
  • Space will be a comfortable, peaceful room where your creativity can flow.

  • We will be doing a lot of writing so bring your pen and paper, or digital device.

  • This will be a “think tank” session where we take your dreams from ideas to actionable steps that can be implemented when you leave.

  • Depending on what stage you are on your business journey, you will learn strategic keys such as:

    • Clarifying your business idea
    • Identifying your ideal client
    • How to formulate and tell your story to attract high paying clients
    • Aspects of branding
    • Mentors you can learn from who are doing what you want to do
    • Choosing the legal structure of your business
    • Registering your business
    • Aspects of a business plan
    • Identifying your competitive advantage
    • Identifying your unique selling proposition
    • Social media marketing
    • Monetizing your business idea
    • How to effectively manage your time and overcome procrastination
    • Avoiding typical business pitfalls that leads to failure
    • Plans to launch your business.
    • You will receive (3) 30-minute follow-up phone sessions
  • You will receive a gift and a voucher to get one-hour professional photo session with Sheyi Azeez Photography.
Cost: $1599 or three payments of $533

Growing Together: Group Coaching Session

Group Training with Nancy (4-hour experience with max 6 people)

I believe in the power of groups and that life happens in the context of small groups. This session is for a group of friends, business partners, ladies’ groups, topic focused groups, etc. that are wanting either life coaching on a personal topic or business coaching to accomplish a particular goal.

What we will do:

  • For personal life coaching, we will complete similar exercises in the Phoenix Rising package but tailor our meeting to your group’s specific needs and goals.
  • We will meet at a location of the group’s choice or coach’s choice and get to work.

  • For business coaching, we will complete similar exercises in the Entrepreneur’s Zone package but tailor our meeting to your specific needs and goals.
For pricing and package modifications, please email us at

Divorced, Now What? Finding Answers

Group or One on One coaching with Nancy (2 hours)

This is a topic dear to my heart and one that I’ve coached several women on. Let me help you.

My divorce took me by surprise, and I was completely unprepared and broken.  Throughout my journey, I have known, met, and helped many women in this same spot. I learned a great deal on the dos and don’ts of such painful experience. What you do, who you talk to, what you say, and what you plan will all determine how you’ll evolve victoriously.

What I offer:

I offer a personal one on one coaching by walking with you through the entire process to help you acknowledge and heal the battle scars that may result from losing your marriage. I also offer group coaching for women with similar experiences. We will tackle the following together:

  • What do you do after discovering your marriage is ending?

  • Discuss possible chances for reconciliation

  • What steps do you immediately take?

  • Researching the best lawyer

  • Who do you talk to and who do you avoid talking to?

  • How do you discuss finances, children, assets?

  • How to avoid falling into the trap of self-blame

  • How to let go, forgive, and not harbor bitterness?

  • Finding freedom and love again!

Cost: $99 per hour
To schedule a different or particularly customized meeting with Nancy, please email inquiries to