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We are grateful how Nancy helped us grow our young business. Her business acumen and holistic approach to mentorship accelerated the trajectory of our business. We remain grateful for her coaching.
Kenneth O., CPA
Taking me under your wing has been a huge life change for me. From the moment we met, you have given me sound advice and helped with the rebuilding of my life. I never felt judged for my past and you listened attentively to the point that you were able to discern and discuss a different perspective of the situation. This told me that I was important to you and that I could overcome what I was going through. Your life experience and your tenacity to overcome it are a great inspiration.
Emmy Y. Houston, TX
Since meeting Nancy Mensah, she has helped me change my life in ways I never dreamed possible. We all face personal and professional challenges that make us take a step back but with Nancy at my side, I always pushed past and over. Nancy is compassionate, intelligent and has an amazing empathetic ability to help others through challenging circumstances. She helped me identify my goals and encouraged me to chase my dreams. Her coaching has truly been one of the most transformative events of my life and I feel so blessed to call her a friend. Nancy is one of a kind and I will forever be thankful for her role in helping me change my perspective on how to make life’s most difficult moments into lessons and platforms to continue pushing forward.
Laura S. Houston, TX
I have had the pleasure and opportunity to serve with Nancy Mensah on several international humanitarian and peace missions. I have witnessed many women – although separated by culture – brought together by the hope Nancy shares. This hope that exudes from Nancy is the substance that women borrow from to build their own confidence and path forward. I am blessed to be a part of #teamnancy.
Ivy B. Delaware
Before I met Nancy I was at a place in my life I never thought was possible for me. Nancy’s leadership and friendship has changed my life. Her wisdom and knowledge has significantly helped me improve myself in all aspects. She helped me remember my true identity, self-worth, and strength, and that is something I will be forever grateful for. Nancy’s heart is pure and that’s the kind of heart it takes to build triumphant women.
Sandy J. Houston, TX
Nancy Mensah is nothing short of amazing. From the first time I crossed path with Nancy in my work office, I knew her eagerness to commence her nonprofit was more than a check mark of completion in her life. The passion she spoke with showed her heart and the sincerity for women all around the world. Nancy’s passion showed her desire to help better women physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. Nancy back in 2018 graced me with the pleasure of co-hosting on a podcast business event with her to provide free financial and business advice to female entrepreneurs and I must say she took all my nerves away. It was as if I was having a conversation with a long time girlfriend. Nancy is indeed a force to be reckoned with and I’m excited for what’s ahead. Cheers to your future success!
Ms. Grace A. Houston, TX
Nancy’s consistent positive support has helped me find the strength to make tough decisions. Her honesty and cheerfulness have made a huge difference in my life as I take steps to keep moving forward.
Heather E. Houston, TX
Nancy is so awesome! She has been an amazing friend and caring guide during a very difficult time in my life. She was exactly what I needed. Her approach is very non-judgmental yet honest, firm yet loving. I love her and I’m very thankful for her. God bless you Nancy!!!
Shiko M. Houston, TX
I absolutely loved chatting with Nancy Mensah for her podcast. Nancy is a fantastic podcast host and interviewer and a lovely human being, and we had instant rapport. She asks great questions and has great conversations! I truly enjoyed our conversation for her podcast, and I’m so happy that we’ve connected.
Holly W. London
Nancy is one extraordinary woman whom I’ve had the honor to meet and be mentored by. Through her love and passion to help women she has served to be an inspiration in my life and my Children. She has taught me to see the value and beauty within myself once again. Woman of God and prayer warrior, I will forever cherish you in my heart. You are a proof to this verse
Proverbs 27:18 As Iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.
Violet C. Houston, TX
Words can’t express how grateful I am to have a woman of God, like Nancy, in my life. When I first started her connect group, I was lonely, lost, and searching for attention in all the wrong places. I didn’t know how to cope with my divorce and thought no one would understand what I was going through. Because of Nancy, I now have a strong and supportive group of women behind me that I am able to do life with. If it weren’t for her following her heart to reach out to other women, I have no idea where I would be in life or how I would get through it.
Katrina J. Houston, TX
Nancy is a visionary. She is an absolute gem to work with and is always intentional about who she is speaking with, what she is working on, and where she is looking to be. Working alongside her has taught me that it takes kindness and dedication to constant progress in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. I can’t wait to hear of all the individuals she impacts through Triumphant Woman in years to come.
Christian K. New York, NY
My podcast interview with Nancy was so much fun! In fact, it felt like a conversation, not an interview. Speaking with Nancy before and after the interview helped me sharpen my skills on the art of following up with other entrepreneurs and branding my business. Working with Nancy was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I’m looking forward to recording another podcast soon!
Araine M. Houston, TX
Working with Nancy has been such a blessing. She is well knowledgeable and very passionate about transforming the lives of others. Nancy has been a driving force behind my personal and professional growth and I am forever grateful.
Aisha K. Houston, TX