How We Help

What We Do

Learn how we help victims and others. 


Onboarding Process

This process is extremely critical to our team because whether an abused victim comes to us or we locate them through our various informational trainings in local neighborhoods, how we handle the situation is vital. Our process includes but not limited to gathering pertinent information, ensuring safety of victim

Local Partnerships

To further assist victims, we work hand in hand quickly and efficiently with our partners such as the police departments, churches, hospitals, schools and other local nonprofit organizations.


Trauma relief counseling is a big part of what we do. Rape and other assaults can devastate a woman and negatively impact her life forever if trauma relief counseling isn’t implemented quickly. We work with our partners and in-house counselors highly trained in trauma education and care to fully counsel women. This includes physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological

Triumphant Woman

Sustainability Training

One problem we see with an abused victim is the dependence on the abuser for their life’s necessities. We offer entrepreneurial, life skills and educational training to the women who come into our program. One way we promote sustainability is we offer the hand-made merchandise these ladies make on our shop page and they receive compensation for their well-being.

Empowered Men

We are proud to partner, train and educate local men on the issues of abuse. We don’t believe the stigma of sexual abuse can be eliminated without the help and input of men in the society.

Moms to Moms Baby Items

We collect used and new baby items from the United States and ship it to our local office in Ghana. From there we donate these items to expectant moms. First to women in our programs who may be pregnant and secondly to other local women in impoverished areas. Please fill out our contact page if you would like to donate items. All donations are tax deductible.

Gather information: This is done in detail when we locate an abused victim or when they come to us.